As was recently announced, the DV-2022 Entry Period began at 4:00 P.M. (16 Hours) GMT, on Wednesday, October 7, 2020. And for the next four to five weeks, interested persons may enter the Diversity Visa Lottery by submitting an entry.

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Conditions for Entry

In order to enter DV-2022, interested persons must meet the following conditions:

1. They must have been born in a country that is on the current list of countries eligible for the DV program. (See DV-2022 Instructions)

In case you were not born in a country that is currently eligible, there are two other ways you could qualify to enter DV-2022. Read this article for relevant information.

2. They must have completed secondary school or must have worked for at least two years during the last five years, in a profession that requires at least two years of training or experience by U.S. Department of Labor standard.

3. They must be in possession of a valid unexpired passport.

How to Enter

To enter DV-2022, you have to access the official Diversity Visa website, and fill out and submit the Diversity Visa Entry form accessible by means of that website. The Entry form will be available on the website until 5:00 PM (17 Hours) GMT on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, after which it will be removed until about this time next year.

The Process

See below, the DV-2022 Welcome page of the official Diversity Visa website.

DV 2022 Entry Form

As you can see above, on the Welcome page, there’s a button to the full DV-2022 instructions, in case you are not acquainted with DV rules and regulations; as well as one leading to photo examples.

Just below the Photo Examples button is a green “Begin Entry” button which gives access to the Diversity Visa Entry form.

By clicking the green “Begin Entry” button, you will first be led to a CAPTCHA code page where you will have to type in the text shown and click the Submit button. Successfully reproducing the CAPTCHA and submitting it will gain you access to the Entry form, which is in two parts: one for the Primary Entrant and the other for Secondary Entrant(s), if any.

Fill out the form accordingly, and at the end, click the “SUBMIT” button.

The Confirmation Page

That will lead you to the Entry Submission Confirmation page as shown below.

Print out the Confirmation page or take record of its contents – especially your unique Confirmation Number; you will need it in order to check your result beginning sometime early May next year.

DV Confirmation Page

The Photo

As part of the Entry form to be submitted, you will need to upload a special Diversity Visa photo. The photo must be taken beforehand and stored somewhere on your computer (or other smart device) which you intend to use to fill out the Entry form.

Once you arrive at the question regarding the photo, follow the instructions and upload the photo of each entrant on your entry accordingly.

The full DV-2022 instructions explain in detail the compositional and technical requirements which each photo MUST adhere to.

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Best of success as you enter DV 2022!

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