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Hi, and welcome to our website. Call me Trodvies; I’m your main content creator and a Premium member of an awesome online learning community where you are taught a whole lot of important internet skills. If you’re interested in learning internet stuff, then:


I’m very passionate about the Diversity Visa program. I also possess a reasonable amount of knowledge and experience in that area, having worked with many entrants and applicants over the years.

As part of a larger business venture, I run this website with my dear wife, who is an invaluable source of support in everything I do.

We are quite involved with the DV Program – including creating related products – not just online, but offline as well. For example, we submit entries on behalf of our clients during the Entry period.

Our Story

Our involvement with the Diversity Visa Program actually began around seven years ago, when we started a business that offered services related to the Program.

That business involved every aspect of the DV Program: from entering clients into the Lottery, to checking their results, to hand-holding them throughout the application process. We were a sort of reference for DV-related information and services in our part of the world.

Proof of this are our featured Success Stories, which revolve around persons we successfully guided in emigrating to the United States by means of the DV Program.

Today, we are increasingly involved with business online, as that suits our aspirations. But that has not made us to forgo our passion for and interest in the DV Program.

The Idea behind this Website

When working with DV entrants and applicants, we came to realize that people face many problems as regards the Program.

For example, many do not know that the DV program even exists. There are also those who know it does, but who do not have a clear understanding of how it works. Not to mention those in search of related products and proper guidance, or those who have the need to get updated on every twist and turn in the process.

We therefore created this website as a means to respond to such needs. We believe that our knowledge and experience in the DV Program can serve to solve problems for people in different parts of the world.

That has motivated us to keep this website running, and regularly updated.


We DO NOT purport in any way to be representatives or agents of the United States Government or any of its institutions.

Instead, we are ORDINARY INDIVIDUALS who provide information, education, guidance and services; both offline and online, where the internet has made it possible for us to reach a global audience on matters of interest to them, including the Diversity Visa Program.

What you’ll find on this Site

On this website, you’ll find information relating to the Diversity Visa Program. Our articles are a source of information, education, and guidance about the Program; and are in different forms: from facts, to general information, to analysis, to news as it breaks.

We also propose a number of Diversity Visa-related products based on our experience with the DV Program.

You’re Welcome!

If you have any questions/comments concerning the Diversity Visa program, feel free to leave them below. You may also contact us at trodvies@mydvprogram.com, if that seems more convenient to you, or in case you are interested in our online learning community.

Your concerns matter a lot to us. We’ll therefore be very glad to respond to them in a timely manner.

Thank you for visiting our website. You’re welcome to always do so.

12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello sir,
    My name is Elvis, I’m one of the dv2022 selectee with a case number of AF23××× but I have some series of questions to ask.

    I don’t know if I’ll have chances of being issued a Visa base on the fact that I’ll have my high school degree but in August 2022.?

    When summiting my ds260, I mistakenly added an accompany under my principal applicant, I have tried to delete it to no avail, I added a spouse of which I’m not yet married, I don’t know if that will render me ineligible?

    I submitted my ds260 since July 27 and I haven’t received any email requesting for my supporting documents. Is there any problem?

    Thanks very much for your efforts, I’ll really appreciate if you’ll attend to my questions.

    1. Hi Elvis:

      Your case is actually a complicated one. Firstly, without a high school degree, you were ineligible for the program. I’m not sure how you ‘handled’ the part that concerns education on your DS-260. But if it was observed from your DS-260 that you are in fact not yet out of high school, you may never be contacted to continue the process.

      Then there’s the issue of an added ‘spouse’. After submitting your DS-260(s), if you wish to make changes to it (them), you need to request of KCC to unlock it (them). The previous version(s) will however still be available to the interviewing officer who will not be easily convinced that adding a ‘spouse’ was a mistake on your part.

      With such critical issues, it’s going to be extremely difficult – if not impossible – for you to get by.

  2. Dear Trodivies
    I am National of India and presently in Working in Kazakhastan and family staying in India i applied for DV-2023 and i got the confirmation number if i selected can i obtain visa from india please reply

  3. Dear Sir
    I am selected for DV program, my family is planning not to travel at the moment and planning to travel at a later stage. I am the principal applicant and while filling my DS-260 form I have mentioned that my family is not traveling with me. since my family is planning to travel later, is it required to complete their DS-260 now?

    Regards, Zul

    1. Yes, do for them as well. And remember: their entitlement to Diversity visas remains valid only during the fiscal year concerned.

  4. Kindly sent me an information as to play the DV for me this 2o21.I am a Liberian born January 20,1989 and have a passport,I am seeking opportunity to improve my life and my Family.High school graduate, Diploma graduate from Teacher college in General Education and have Three(3)Kids.My regards to you Brother Trodvies

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