How To Enter The Diversity Visa Lottery

Hi, and welcome to this very important page on our website. If you are reading this, it’s probably because you’re interested in knowing how to enter the Diversity Visa Lottery and possibly apply for a United States Diversity Immigrant visa.

Qualification Criteria

Before we elaborate on how that is done, make sure you qualify to submit an entry during the upcoming Lottery. Review the following qualification criteria:

1. You MUST have been born in a country which appears on the CURRENT list of “approved” countries. (Note: Not all countries’ natives are eligible to enter the DV Lottery every year.) The official DV website publishes the list of “approved countries” every year before the Lottery begins.

2. You MUST HAVE COMPLETED high school (secondary school) or MUST HAVE WORKED in an occupation which requires at least two years of training or experience (according to U.S. Department of Labor’s standards) during the last 5 years.

Meeting the above two conditions qualifies you to enter the Lottery.

Note: In case you do not meet the first criterion above; that is, you were not born in a country featuring on the list of accepted countries, there are two existing “loopholes,” one of which may qualify you:

  1. If you are married, and your spouse was born in an accepted country; then you could become eligible by means of your  spouse’s country of birth; or
  2. Your parents were both not born in YOUR country of birth (the country that “disqualifies” you), and were not legally resident there at the time of your birth.

Now, let me elaborate on what it entails.

DV Lottery Steps

You register for the Diversity Visa Lottery by filling in an electronic form on the official DV website during the Entry period ONLY (see explanation below). For about eleven months (early November to early October the following year), the Entry form IS NOT available on the website. Meaning you CAN NOT register for the Lottery during that period.

The various steps in the process are outlined here. And for detailed instructions, as well as the rules and regulations governing the process, click here.

The Entry Period

The remaining little-over-a-month period (it usually starts on a date in early October and ends a few days after that same date in November) is when the form is available, and you can enter the Lottery. That is known as the Entry period. About three weeks to the start of the period, the website publishes information regarding the upcoming Lottery. It is in this publication you get to know whether or not your country’s citizens are allowed to enter the Lottery that year.

The Form

The Entry form allows you to type in personal information, including name (last; first; and middle, if any), gender, date and place of birth, address, phone number, email, educational level, marital status, and number of children below 21 years, for yourself; and a few of the above, for all other family members that the DV regulations allow you to enter the Lottery with, in case that applies. Some fields on the electronic DV form have options you have to choose from.

The Photo

As part of the form-filling process, you will have to upload a digital photo taken within the previous six months, for each family member, which should strictly observe certain technicalities. Moreover, the person in each photo must observe strict rules relating to head position, eye contact, background, etc. for the entry to be acceptable. The photo is a major factor for disqualification of a lot of entries.

Your Confirmation Page

Once you’ve completed the form, you click the submit button, and automatically, you will be presented with a unique entry submission confirmation page which you would have to print out or record information from, because that is what you will need, to know whether you were selected or not, in the month of May the following year when the results are published on the same website.

Our Intervention

In case information on the above-mentioned website seems overwhelming (Note: It is not possible to ask questions or leave comments on the official website), leave your questions below; we will provide you with relevant answers. And in case you are in need of an entity to assist in guiding you through the technicalities involved, and submit your entry on your behalf, we are available to help you in that light, for a minimal fee.


To your success!

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  1. My wish n prayer is that I qualify for the next upcoming diversity visa lottery. Thanks for the move.

    1. Thank you as well, John. You can always stop by to ascertain information about the DV Lottery. Wish you best of success for the upcoming one.

      1. Is this address (address removed) officiated for checking results for this current program running of the 2020 . thank you.

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