In this article I wrote a few months ago, I pointed out that the DV 2022 Program was at a critical point. Either we would have witnessed a massive conduct of interviews starting from the month of April or the DV-2022 Program would have ended up like the two programs that preceded it.

It was the former situation that finally played out. And since April, there has been an unexpected rise in the number of Diversity visa issued. Something unimaginable earlier on in the fiscal year.

Latest Statistics

Latest statistics for the DV 2022 Program indicates that up to last Friday, July 22, 2022, with a total of 18,100 cases interviewed, 26,985 applicants have been issued visas. In addition, there are 10,397 cases – totaling 24,529 applicants – at various embassies awaiting interview.

The above figures suggest that more than 20,000 additional Diversity visas will be issued before the end of the 2022 Program, and somewhere around 50,000 overall. Such a figure is considered to be a good one from the perspective of Diversity visa issuances. This therefore rules out the possibility of court cases as has been the case for the last two years.

According to the latest statistics, the Europe region remains on top of visa issuances with a total of 11,891 so far; followed by the Africa region with 8,154. Asia comes third with 4,920.

The most recent statistics is summarized in the following table:


CASES In Transit to Embassies CASES at Embassies, Ready for Interview CASES Already Interviewed (18,100)
CASES put on AP APPLICANTS Refused Visas APPLICANTS  Issued Visas
AFRICA 727 4,682 88 2,271 8,154
ASIA 219 2,269 43 2,373 4,920
EUROPE 323 2,946 78 2,225 11,891
OCEANIA 6 270 1 242 665
SOUTH AMERICA 7 229 14 250 1,349
TOTAL 1,282 10,397 224 7,361 26,985

With the end of scheduling in the DV 2022 Program fast approaching, we wish best of success to those applicants who are set to receive their interview notifications in the coming weeks.

For the rest who do not receive theirs, that will mean the end of many months of expectation as their ‘right’ to immigrate as part of the DV 2022 Program expires on September 30, 2022.

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