We often say time flies. And yes it does, especially when you consider a case like the DV-2023 Entry period that we recently witnessed. That was five to six months ago – from October 6 to November 9, 2021 – but gone by so quickly!

Here we are today! With more than five months having elapsed, DV 2023 entrants are now entering the final 30 days before the results are published.

As Usual

The count down to the release of the DV results has always been an interesting annual occurrence, and this year it is no different. As usual, there’s heightened expectations on the part of entrants. And the closer you get to the date of release, the higher the anxiety.


All entrants have their fingers crossed in the hope of being selected. In the midst of such hope also exists a subset of entrants who ‘strongly believe’ that they WILL be selected. Then when the results are released, their hope – or faith – ultimately gets judged!

That’s what’s interesting about the Diversity Visa Lottery: the suspense that accompanies the release of the results and the ultimate acceptance by so many that they will have to try again come October. We are about to witness all that.

Checking results begins . . .

Beginning at noon Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday, May 7, 2022, Entrant Status Check will be available online for entrants to the DV 2023 Program. From that time on, DV 2023 entrants may enter their confirmation information through the designated link on the official Diversity Visa website to check the status of entries they submitted last October or November.

The Challenge

For those who will be lucky enough to be selected, a whole new phase would begin. Not just because of the intricacies of the Application Process, but also – and perhaps more importantly – due to the high level of uncertainty that the DV Program has come to know in recent years.

From very slow processing of cases to far-from-normal interviews being conducted resulting in fewer visas being issued, the Diversity Visa program has experienced its fair share of the effects of the COVID pandemic.

A New Beginning?

Will May 7, 2022 announce a departure from the very recent past to a new beginning for the DV Program? Will this release of results return the application process to pre-COVID status? We can not say! Such a realization will definitely be welcome in many quarters. Selectees, for example, will be glad that they won’t have to experience all the troubles that their counterparts from recent years had to go through. But that’s going to take a lot which we are not sure the mechanism currently in place is prepared for.

Whether May 7 marks a new beginning or not isn’t much of a concern for entrants. For now, what’s more important is the ‘few’ days left for them to get to know their fate: whether they were “selected for further processing” or not.

As indicated above, this will require the confirmation information obtained at the time of entry submission. Otherwise, one will have to turn to the “forgot confirmation number” option which is not always easy to deal with.

As the countdown to May 7 begins, our best wishes to all DV 2023 entrants!

READ OUT LATEST ARTICLE ON THE DV 2023 RESULTS HERE: https://mydvprogram.com/today-is-may-7

2 thoughts on “Count Down to May 7

  1. Hi Trodvies,

    I have a clueless situation:
    It was in November 9th 2021 the last day of the DV2023 entry. Because I collected my passport almost 5 minutes to the deadline and I accessed the the official site to apply. I filled in the form and clicked “CONTINUE” and I was taken to an other page to confirm my details and I found out that I have one validation error which is the photo that failed to upload. and I uploaded it quickly and clicked the final “SUBMIT” button hoping to have a success confirmation page but all I could see was the page that is currently on the official site which reflect on the screen immediately they updated the site due to time (5:00 GMT).

    My question here is: was my entry recorded when I have already clicked the final”SUBMIT” button and I didn’t have no session timeout nor a website crashed but only a website updation?

    Thank you in advance

    1. No, your entry was not submitted.

      Entry to the Lottery had ended, but you didn’t realize it. That’s what happens to anyone who is working on the Entry form when the “end of submission” time reaches. They only get to realize that the Lottery has ended when they click NEXT to move to the next stage.

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