DV 2023 Lottery Results This Saturday!

The long-awaited DV 2023 Lottery results will finally be published on this Saturday, May 7, 2022. The announcement regarding the publication of the 2023 results has been on the official Diversity Visa website ever since the end of the Entry period last November.

The results to be published concerns those who entered the Diversity Visa Lottery during the last Entry or Registration period which ran from October 6 to November 9, 2021.

The results will be made public at noon Eastern Daylight Time (i.e. 4:00 PM GMT – kindly take note) on Saturday. The time marks the start of checking of results which is done only by means of the official Diversity Visa program website. The results will be accessible by means of the website up until September 30, 2023 when the 2023 program will come to an end.

To have access to their results beginning Saturday, entrants will be required to provide a few pieces of personal information including their Entry submission confirmation number obtained at the time of submitting their entry, their last or family name, and their year of birth. The official Diversity Visa website has a mechanism in place for retrieving lost confirmation numbers. This article provides details on how to check your Diversity Visa result which is officially referred to as the status of your entry.

Interviews to be conducted for those who will discover that they have been selected for the DV 2023 program will begin in October 2022 and are expected to run until September 2023, which corresponds to the United States 2023 Fiscal Year.

The Diversity Visa Lottery is administered every year by the United States State Department, and it is the “entry point” into the Diversity Visa program. The next opportunity to enter the Diversity Visa program will be in October 2022 – for the DV 2024 Program.

Best of luck to all DV 2023 entrants as you check your result come Saturday.


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  1. Been playing for more than ten years and I’m yet to be selected. Hoping that 2023 DV will be a game changer

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