Today is May 7, 2022, the day when the Diversity Visa 2023 results are released. The results will be posted on the official Diversity Visa website at 4:00 PM (16 Hours) GMT/UTC.

For the time being, it is still early to begin to check your result. If you attempt to check before the specified time, you will get an error message that reads “Invalid Confirmation Number: Please enter the correct confirmation number that is 16 characters long (example: 20221O0DZWY3DOV9)”, which indicates that it is not yet 16:00 GMT and that the results have not yet been posted.

To be able to see your result, you must check beginning 4:00 PM / 16:00 GMT (UTC) which will correspond to the following local times in various parts of the world:

– 9:00 AM: Los Angeles (USA)

– 10:00 AM: Denver (USA)

– 11:00 AM: Chicago, Illinois; Minnesota (USA)

– 12:00 Midday: Detroit, Louisville, New York, Trenton, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Columbus (USA)

– 1:00 PM: Trinidad and Tobago (WEST INDIES)

– 3:00 PM: Cape Verde (OFF WEST AFRICA)

– 4:00 PM GMT: Morocco; WEST AFRICA: Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Sao Tome and Principe, etc.

– 5:00 PM: Algeria, Tunisia, Benin, Nigeria; CENTRAL AFRICA: Cameroon, Gabon, Central African Republic, Congo, Western DRC; Angola; Namibia; EUROPE: Lisbon, London, Dublin, etc.

– 6:00 PM: Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Eastern DRC, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Eswantini, South Africa, etc; EUROPE: Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Brussels, Rome, Paris, Zurich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, etc.

– 7:00 P.M: EAST AFRICA: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, THE MIDDLE EAST: Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuweit, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, EUROPE: Finland, Greece, etc.

– 8:00 PM: Dubai, Mauritius, Seychelles, etc.

– 8:30 PM: Iran, Afghanistan, etc.

– 9:00 PM: Pakistan, etc.

– 9:30 PM: Sri Lanka, India, etc.

– 9:45 PM Katmandu, Nepal; etc.

– 11:00 PM: Thailand, etc.

– 12:00 AM (Midnight): Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Perth (Australia), etc.

– 1:00 AM on Sunday, May 8: South Korea, Japan, Timor-Lest/East Timor, etc.

– 1:30 AM on Sunday, May 8: Adelaide (Australia), etc.

– 2:00 AM on Sunday, May 8: Melbourne, Sydney (Australia); etc.

– 4:00 AM on Sunday, May 8: Western New Zealand, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, etc.

– 4:45 AMon Sunday, May 8: Eastern New Zealand, etc.

The official Diversity Visa website where you can check your result is:

You may read the following article which explains how to check your Diversity Visa result:


Wish you all the best as you go about checking.


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