“Lucky DV 2020 Lottery”

… have a prosperous New Year: one with joy, happiness, love, good health, and above all, acquisition of those things you personally desire.

Happy 2019 to you and your family!

New Year Wish

Best Wishes
Wishes for the New Year

Today marks the beginning of 2019. At this time of the year, best wishes are exchanged among friends, family and acquaintances the world over. Some of the wishes expressed include love, good health, prosperity, success in one’s endeavors, etc. For our part here at mydvprogram.com, we would like to wish all visitors to this website not just a Happy, but also a “Lucky New Year” – especially to those who managed to enter the DV 2020 Lottery.

As we know, the USA Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery was administered just a couple of months ago. Millions from all over the world entered the Lottery during that period. Nearly two months has passed since the Entry Period ended. We now look forward to the results in just over four months. No matter where in the world you are, as long as you were one of the entrants, our wish for you is, come May 7, when the 2020 USA Visa Lottery results are released, that you be one of the lucky winners.

As in the case of Mai and Anthony, the two winners featured in our previously-posted success stories, our wish for you is that your entry, not only be selected, but that you successfully complete your Diversity Immigrant Visa application process, and eventually emigrate to the United States.

Keep Your Confirmation Safe

As we wish this for you, we encourage you to keep your entry confirmation in a secured and easily accessible location, as in the absence of that “proof of participation”, not only will you never get to know your result, you will not have any “claim” as it were. Remember, this is what makes the confirmation page so important: no-one gets to know his / her result without it.

And To The Rest …

And to those of our site visitors who were not a part of the DV 2020 Lottery because of one reason or the other, we wish to inform you that, in case you aren’t a citizen or permanent resident of the U S A, but you have the desire to emigrate there or possibly regularize your status (for those already residing in the country), the next Electronic DV Entry Period will be later this year, in October to be precise.

On this website, you can find information relative to the entire process of the US DV Lottery. Go on and read our informative posts regarding the Program as well as the various services we offer. You are also most welcome to contact us by means of the email addresses mentioned on this site in case you desire some clarity regarding the Lottery or have any questions to that effect.

We would be more than glad to provide answers to all of your preoccupations. As was mentioned in a previous post, we take pleasure in doing so. That’s the reason why we created this website in the first place – to prepare you for success.

More New Year Wishes

Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2019

Finally, and in addition to our above-mentioned wish to you regarding the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery 2020, we also pray that you have a prosperous New Year: one with joy, happiness, love, good health, and above all, acquisition of those things you personally desire.

Happy 2019 to you and your family!

– Trodvies

10 thoughts on ““Lucky DV 2020 Lottery”

    1. If my previous suggestion doesn’t/didn’t work, Mildred, you may send us an email (our addresses are available on our “About Us” page) containing your information (confirmation number, last name and year of birth) , and I’ll take out the time to verify your claim. That is, if you’re comfortable with that.

    1. It means perhaps you are mistaking one character for another while typing in your confirmation number. I advise that you pay keen attention to each of the numbers/letters (especially zeros and Os), and enter them correctly.

  1. Pls i don’t know how to check my cause i have put all necessary information yet not valid

  2. I think I remember hearing about a citizen lottery way back in high school but honestly never gave it much thought. It’s interesting reading this post and then wondering about it and going through your site to find out what entails the lottery and how to go about it.

      1. Please am Elvis Asuo Amaniampong
        I want to check if I have been selected among the winners of the 2019 dv

        1. Hi Elvis. (It’s rather DV 2020, not 2019). The results were released just over three hours ago (at 16:00 GMT), but till now, there is no access to the DV website, simply because everyone is trying to get through at the same time. So, just wait a couple of hours, and use this link (you may copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser): https://www.dvlottery.state.gov. Follow the instructions when you eventually get through to the website, and you would get to know your result. Good luck!

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