Yesterday marked halfway into the DV 2024 Lottery. The Lottery began on Wednesday, October 5, 2022. Seventeen days having elapsed, we’ve just crossed into the second half of the 2024 Entry period. The first half of the Entry period was marred by low responsiveness on the part of the official Diversity Visa website.

The Problem

In effect, the removal of the Passport regulation from the Diversity Visa program earlier this year led to a massive number of entries being submitted to the ongoing Lottery – something the official Diversity Visa Program website was – as it seems – not prepared for. Due to the extremely high demand on the website, entrants had found it difficult to access the site and or submit their entries. Many had to attempt severally before succeeding. Others ended up not succeeding!

All this was not without the knowledge of authorities administering the Diversity Visa program. KCC had indicated their awareness in their replies to Diversity Visa enthusiasts who had tried to access the website to no avail. In addition to acknowledging the existence of the problem, they also indicated the effort being deployed to find a solution.

Solution Found?

The solution may have now been found. Those attempting to access the site currently are finding it to be quite normal, unlike a few days ago. The improvement in the situation of the website may also be due to the part of the Entry period we are currently in – the middle: a time when entry submission has always been at its lowest.

The situation of the website will certainly not remain as it currently is up to the end of the Lottery. How long it’s going to last, we can not say. But what is sure is that as is accustomed, the final week will see a surge in entry submission, resulting in a repeat or near repeat of what was experienced during the past weeks.

It’s an Opportunity!

Anyone who has not yet submitted their entry should therefore take advantage of the normality currently being experienced on the website and comfortably submit their entry. Not only them, but DV 2023 applicants who are desperate to access their ESC as well.

The current situation presents an opportunity to such DV hopefuls who were prevented from accessing the site previously. Such an opportunity will not be as gracious in the coming weeks.

With all that is unfolding, the DV 2024 Lottery is likely to go down as having received the highest number of entries ever.

As for the closing date, it remains as Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

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