DV Lottery website “Not Working”!

Most of those currently trying to access the official Diversity Visa Program website are encountering one kind of difficulty or the other. And many have expressed concern relating to their Diversity Visa entry (i.e. those attempting to enter the ongoing Lottery) or their Diversity Visa case (for those selected in the 2023 Program).

So what’s wrong with the website, and how likely is this to affect the submission of entries to the 2024 Lottery as well as access to existing cases information?

Is it normal?

We must begin by acknowledging that the issues being experienced with the DV Program official website are normal. Firstly, for the past three years, the number of entries submitted to the DV Lottery was significantly reduced as a result of the passport regulation.

During that period, persons without a valid passport were not accepted to enter the Lottery. That regulation was canceled earlier this year which will undoubtedly increase the overall submission – possibly up to as much as 50%. And the effect of the high submission is what’s already being felt.

The way forward

Those having difficulty submitting their entry would have a better chance if they attempt doing so at times of the day when their internet provider and or the DV website is less busy. The preferred time of the day in this case is during the very early hours of the day, before it breaks.

At such a time, the servers of internet providers are not as busy, and one could get through relatively easily. Attempting to submit at such time of the day does not only have the advantage of a less busy ISP servers, it would also mean that entrants residing in and around your country are generally in bed, allowing the website to be more “welcoming”. That’s the way forward for those who continue to have a bad website experience.

That will mean being deprived of some sleep, but if that will bring about the desired result (being one of those looking forward to the results), then why not do so?

Others affected

Issues with the official website are also preventing applicants of the ongoing DV 2023 Program from accessing their Entry Status. Those expecting their interview notification and those wishing to print it out are among those concerned by the prevailing situation of the DV Program website.

In this case, there exist issues at two levels. Firstly, the influx of entrants to the 2024 Lottery – as explained above. And secondly, the update in Entrant Status Check in anticipation of upcoming interviews. In effect, when interviews are scheduled, the ESC of the cases concerned get updated, their selected notification letter being replaced by their interview notification letter.

Possible solutions

In cases of ESC update, regular checks by applicants at times of the day suggested above could provide the solution.

The only applicants who may be under some pressure to access their ESC are those who received their interview notification in August, but who waited for a few days to their interview to print out the letter. Practically speaking, this group of applicants is almost inexistent.

However, those who are concerned must apply the suggestion provided above. And if that doesn’t work before their interview takes place, relating to the CO the prevailing situation of the official website – something KCC and the embassies are already aware of – should do the trick.

On the other hand, those who do not have a pressing need to access their ESC (no urgency to print out the interview notification, for example) could simply wait until after November 8 when the effect of the DV 2024 Lottery on the website will come to an end.

The CEAC site

Problems are also being experienced on the “complementary” CEAC website. But that can not really be considered as a problem. As a matter of fact, in the weeks following September 30, data from the previous Program (DV 2022 in this case) are replaced by those of just-started (2023 in this case). As such, visitors are prevented from accessing the site as that is going on.

Upon completion of this annual routine, the CEAC website will return to normal, allowing applicants of the current program to ascertain the status of their case.
As is accustomed, the first DEAC data relative to the new Program (DV 2023) will be available as of January 1, 2023. Until then, applicants need to exercise a high level of patience as it relates to the CEAC website.

In conclusion

With these pieces of advice, I believe that they will safely navigate the current storm until both of these websites return to normal.

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