First DV 2023 Interview Notifications Sent Out

My last article announced the publication of the September 2022 Visa Bulletin which contained the first cut-off numbers for the DV 2023 Program.

The publication of the September VB is normally followed by the first interview notifications for the upcoming program. In this case, the DV 2023 Program. And this is what has started to happen.

Notifications being received

DV 2023 applicants with the lowest case numbers in all regions – case numbers that fall below the cut-off shown for their region in the September VB – who had already submitted their DS 260 – have begun to receive notifications for interview to be held in October 2022.

Not concerned

Applicants whose case numbers are not below their cut-off will continue to check the Visa Bulletin to ascertain in which month their interviews will be conducted. The next Visa Bulletin is expected to be published during the second week in September, and it will indicate interviews for the month of November 2022.

On Document Submission

So far, DV 2023 applicants have not been requested to submit supporting documents to KCC as part of their application process. That however doesn’t necessarily suggest that same will continue throughout the 2023 Program or will apply to all applicants. At any point during the Program – including before the first interviews kick off – the decision to send in documents could be made. And from that point on, document submission will become a requirement.

2023 Program Summary

The DV 2023 Entry Lottery was conducted from October 6 to November 9, 2021. Results indicating selectees were released on May 7, 2022. It is said selectees that are concerned by the notifications/interviews being discussed here.

Interviews in the DV 2023 Program are to run from October 2022 to September 2023, the duration of the United States 2023 Fiscal Year.

Best of luck to those whose interviews have been scheduled.


16 thoughts on “First DV 2023 Interview Notifications Sent Out

  1. Hi I want to ask if there is a chance for interviews for my case number from 2022 which was current. Is there is a cut off number on 2023

      1. Is that possible no to call for interview after they put may casa status current .
        What it could be the reason for not get an interview

  2. My case number is AS3777, was hoping to see it in Nov bulletin. As I am in US already, I have to go through AOS process. If my case number gets current in Jan 2023, will I still get a chance to complete my AOS (I485 process)

    1. AOS cases are processed differently from other DV cases. The sooner you submit your DS 260, the better. So don’t wait for your CN to become current. Start the process.

  3. Thanks a lot for throwing light on the interview process after selection, you have explicitly explained what obtains in the future.
    My question is for those who had their case number starting from 4 what would they expect.
    Once again thanks for your explanation

    1. It’s not enough to say “CN starting from 4”. Write out the first 2 digits of the CN and replace the others by X-es. In that way, I’ll understand and answer your question.

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