Final Days

The scheduling of interviews in the DV 2022 Program is in its final days. With the release of the September Visa Bulletin a week ago, the DV 2023 Program will now begin to receive more attention.

What recent stats suggest

In these final days, calculations carried out on the most recent statistics from the DV 2022 Program puts possible visa issuance above visa availability – which is impracticable considering that visa availability was established by the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The ‘Solution’

In this case, to have issuance fall back below availability, a couple of ‘measures’ may apply.

One of such is a possible hike in the rate of cases refused and or put on administrative processing. With an unusually high number of cases refused and / or put on AP from the cases yet to be interviewed, visa issuance will be led back below what is available for the 2022 Program.

Without high refusal and AP rates from upcoming interviews, current stats indicate that visas will be exhausted before all remaining interviews are conducted. That will mean the cancellation of final interviews in the 2022 Program – to the detriment of applicants who will be concerned.

Such a situation has played out some time in the past, and – if these predictions are fulfilled – will be repeated this year.

Who’s concerned?

Those under threat by this possibility are those whose interviews have been scheduled close to the end of the fiscal year as visas may run out before interviewing actually gets to them.

This calls for caution

Considering the above, this is not the time for 2022 applicants to request change or postponement of their interview, or not to be fully prepared for their interview. Any such may lead to them losing their opportunity to emigrate to the United States.

This reality also suggests less hope for reconsideration of AP cases. With fewer visas available than those who are still to be interviewed, priority will be given to new ‘interviewees’ than to AP cases.

DV 2022 applicants with interviews scheduled far into September must have in mind that their interview schedule is not a guarantee. They can only be sure that their interview will be held when it is actually held.

Below are the statistics being referred to:


CASES In Transit to Embassies APPLICANTS  Ready for Interview APPLICANTS Already Interviewed
AFRICA 24 13,381 345 3,181 9,985
ASIA 0 4,916 293 2,453 6,365
EUROPE 12 8,554 220 2,739 14,478
OCEANIA 0 523 6 263 789
SOUTH AMERICA 5 420 10 239 1,591
TOTAL 41 27,797 874 8,875 33,217


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