DV 2024: Scheduling of Interviews About to Begin!


August remains August!

In this article I explained when it all begins and how it all happens in the Diversity Visa Program. Of recent however, many changes have affected how the Program worked in the past. (I hope to provide relevant details in an upcoming article). But what is interesting is that the original timetable still applies.

So the first month of scheduling of interviews for the new / upcoming Diversity Visa Program remains August!

DV 2024 Scheduling of Interviews

We have entered August 2023, and scheduling of interviews for the DV 2024 Program will begin in the coming week or the following. And as usual, those first interviews will be scheduled for October 2023, and will concern the lowest DV 2024 case numbers from all regions.

Upon the release of the next Visa Bulletin, applicants whose interviews will have been scheduled by KCC will begin to receive their interview notification. The notification will contain all relevant details concerning the interview, including its location or the assigned post, the date and time, as well as the applicants concerned.

The Visa Bulletin and Scheduling of Interviews

The case numbers concerned by the scheduling of the earliest DV 2024 interviews will be identified by means of the upcoming Visa Bulletin. That Visa Bulletin will contain the first cut-off numbers which will designate case numbers that are eligible for interview in October. The Bulletin in question is expected to be published in the new week. A week’s delay is possible when it comes to the release of said Visa Bulletin.

Who are concerned?

All this concerns DV 2024 applicants. That is, those who entered the DV Lottery in October or November 2022, and who were randomly selected per the results published earlier this year, in May 2023 – to be precise.

Haven’t checked your result yet? Check it here!

As mentioned above, interviews for DV 2024 applicants will begin in October 2023 – and will end in September 2024, duration which corresponds to the United States Fiscal Year 2024.

Best of success to all DV 2024 applicants!

6 thoughts on “DV 2024: Scheduling of Interviews About to Begin!

  1. Hi , Thank you for your Valuable information
    I would like to ask you about my case number, my case number between AF10K ——AF11K. I think and Guess my case number have a possibility of being current for month of November. However my wife she is pregnant and we have a baby within 15 days in-accordance with a doctor prediction. My question is to process my newly born child in my case number.

    Again to you for good work by helping those in need of your assistance.

  2. Hi, dear

    I am a selectee with case number AS38k in DV2024. According to the report Asia has 27960 selectees in total. Do I have any chance?

      1. Could you explain what causes it to depend on the embassy?
        What influences how fast they handle cases, besides their usual speed? Is it number of selectees per said country?
        Also, when a case number goes current, what factors influence when said number will be called? Is it how early the DS260 was received? How much backlog for interview scheduling there is?

        I’d love to chat even more Trodvies, your blog is very valuable information!

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