DV 2024 First Cut-Off Numbers Published!


The Visa Bulletin for September 2023 was published earlier today, and it contains the first cut-off numbers that will apply in the DV 2024 Program. The cut-offs in question are meant to identify the case numbers eligible to be interviewed in October 2023, that month being the first month of interviews in the DV 2024 Program. The case numbers concerned will be the lowest in each region.

Who’s concerned?

All case numbers that fall below the cut-off established for their region are the ones eligible for an October 2023 interview. Such cases can expect to receive their interview notification from now to the end of August, provided they’ve submitted their DS 260(s) and said DS 260(s) has/have been processed.

Exception Countries

For the DV 2024 Program, the exception countries from the three big regions are the same as in the DV 2023 Program. They include Algeria, Egypt and Morocco (from the Africa region); Iran and Nepal (from the Asia region); and Russia and Uzbekistan (from the Europe region).

The Cut-Offs

The regional cut-offs to apply in the month of October 2023 as presented in the Visa Bulletin for the month of September published earlier today are as follows:

Case Numbers Current for October

Considering the above, case numbers that are current (and eligible to be scheduled for interview in October 2023) from the various regions and exception countries include the following:

For AFRICA: Case Numbers 1 through 9,999;

Except: ALGERIA: Case Numbers 1 through 7,499; EGYPT: Case Numbers 1 through 5,499; and MOROCCO: Case Numbers 1 through 5,599

For ASIA: Case Numbers 1 through 1,999;

Except: IRAN: Case Numbers 1 through 1,749; and Nepal: Case Numbers 1 through 1,299

For EUROPE: Case Numbers 1 through 4,499;

Except: RUSSIA: Case Numbers 1 through 4,399; and UZBEKISTAN: Case Numbers 1 through 1,249

For NORTH AMERICA: Case Number 1 only

For OCEANIA: Case Numbers 1 through 224

For SOUTH AMERICA: Case Numbers 1 through 374

The Visa Bulletin is published every month, and it is by means of this tool that Diversity Visa applicants get to know the month when their case number will become current and their case will be eligible for interview.

Wishing the best to all whom this may concern!

30 thoughts on “DV 2024 First Cut-Off Numbers Published!

  1. Hello my case is number 2024AF00089367will l stand a chance to be called for an interview before september 30th please reply.

  2. Hello, my case number is 27500 from Asia (Bhutan). Dv 2024.What are my chances of getting called for an interview?

  3. Hi sir …my case no is 27400 from Asia ,Bhutan.any chances of getting mail for interview.

    Thank you for you time

      1. سلام کیس ۲۹هزار هست آسیا کشور افغانستان چانس برای مصاحبه خواهد بود

  4. Bonjour candidat sélectionné pour 2024 case number 17 mill ×××× ya til une chance pour avoir un entretien merci pour votre retour

      1. سلام وقت تان بخیر کیس نمبر من است ۲۹۵۶۳از برنده های سال ۲۰۲۴ از آسیا

  5. Hi , Thank you for your Valuable information
    I would like to ask you about my case number, my case number between AF10K ——AF11K. I think and Guess my case number have a possibility of being current for month of November. However my wife is pregnant and we have a baby within 15 days in-accordance with a doctor prediction. My question is how to process my newly born child in my case number.

    Again Thank you for good work by helping those in need of your assistance.

  6. What about people reporting case numbers (way) above the published threshold?
    To take the AF region as an example, the statistics estimate the number of AF selected participants to 60,000 give or take. Yet in a previous blogpost, people were allegedly reporting case numbers as high as 120,000. What could be the explanation?

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