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Knowing whether one’s case number is a high or low one has become a tradition in Diversity Visa circles. According to how the Diversity Visa Program was designed, a low case number should have advantage over higher ones from the same region.

However, that doesn’t apply in many cases nowadays. In spite of that reality, the issue of high and low case numbers still has much importance to DV applicants.

Past and Present

Some time ago, I wrote this article – as I indicated at the time – to provide “a kind of estimate of what could be considered low, medium or high case number” in each region.

However, the numbering system used for most regions in the DV 2024 Program has been observed to be ‘out of the norm’ that had existed for many years. As such – and as I indicated at the beginning of the above-mentioned article – “the contents of that article do not apply in the case of the DV 2024 Program”.

I therefore thought it wise to write a similar article – this one – with the same objective but for the DV 2024 Program having carefully considered case numbers reported by applicants since the publication of the DV 2024 results last May.

Case Numbers and Classifications

So for DV 2024, we can consider the classifications in the tables below as providing answers to the question of high and low case numbers.


Below 20 000 Low
20 000 – Below 40 000 Relatively Low
40 000 – Below 80 000 Average
80000 – Below 100 000 Relatively High
100 000 and Above High


Below 8 000 Low
8 000 – Below 15 000 Relatively Low
15 000 – Below 30 000 Average
30 000 – Below 40 000 Relatively High
40 000 and Above High


Below 10 000 Low
10 000 – Below 20 000 Relatively Low
20 000 – Below 45 000 Average
45 000 – Below 60 000 Relatively High
60 000 and Above High


Below 800 Low
800 – Below 1 500 Relatively Low
1 500 – Below 3 000 Average
3 000 – Below 4 000 Relatively High
4 000 and Above High

Remarks and Conclusion

  1. The North America region is not included in these tables due to the very small number of applicants selected from that region, which makes case number classification there not an issue of concern.
  2. The case numbers considered in establishing these classifications were obtained from the different regions and not from individual countries, making exception countries not to be included here as well.

In view of the above classifications, DV 2024 applicants can now identify what a low case number is, what an average case number is, and what a high case number is in the DV 2024 Program.

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