DV-2021 Results – 30 days to go

Did you enter the DV-2021 Lottery? If so, then your long wait is nearing its end – we are only a month away from the release of the results.

As is accustomed, the Entry Period of the Diversity Visa Lottery runs from early October to early November every year. And entrants would have to wait six months to get to know their fate. DV-2021 was conducted from Wednesday, October 2, to Tuesday, November 5 last year, with the publication of the results planned for May 5 – that’s a month from now.

Till now, DV-2021 entrants have been “patiently” awaiting the release of the results. The countdown to the release has always been a time of high anticipation. With only 30 days left, adrenaline levels have certainly begun to rise. Not only because of the usual high anticipation that accompanies the release of the result, but also considering the timing: the release of the 2021 results is something entrants can look forward to in spite of the current global health crisis.

Morale has been very low in many quarters with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The release is going to mean a lot to those who will be selected. A successful result for an entrant would serve to uplift their spirit in light of such global uncertainty.

The challenging times currently experienced by the United States has in no way altered the hopes of DV entrants. DV-2021 entrants remain confident that the Coronavirus is for but  a period, after which, if they are selected, they would get on with their desire to achieve the American dream.

I’ve actually been elated by the mood of entrants I’ve captured since the outbreak of COVID-19. Normally, one would expect that everyone be discouraged given the current global state of affairs. Fortunately, that’s not the case with DV-2021 entrants. In all my interactions and from all indications, I personally have yet to see entrants who, because of the prevailing circumstances, would prefer not being selected. I mean the Virus hasn’t changed the enthusiasm of entrants regarding the DV Lottery.

The general mood among entrants  is like “let this pandemic pass; we can’t afford missing out on the American dream.”

They may be right in reasoning as such. As a matter of fact, like all other pandemic before it, COVID-19 will certainly cease to infect one of these days. So why not get on with your life, being assured that life will some day return to normal, after this storm. And the best time to get prepared is now. As the saying goes, “In the time of war, prepare for peace.”

That’s just what DV-2021 hopefuls are doing – preparing for the good days to come.

With a month to go, this is the right time for entrants to ascertain the whereabouts of their confirmation particulars. As you know, it’s the unique confirmation number from your confirmation page that will give you access to your result. Though the results are also accessible in case the confirmation is lost, the easiest way to check is by means of the confirmation number, as the other way requires more information which ends up being more stressful for some entrants.

With a month left and with many cities currently in a lock down, this is also the perfect time to get to know more about the DV Program. I’ve come to observe that applicants generally don’t know so much about the Program. As such, they run into problems in their application process – out of excitement – after they realize they’ve won.

The free time created by the current lockdown is therefore a good time to ask relevant questions so as to stay abreast of information surrounding the DV application process. So that if selected, you would already have an idea of how to go about the process: what to expect, and what not to.

Finally, with a month to go till the results are released, let’s be encouraged to continue doing what we’ve been doing up to now: exercise patience, remain in high spirit, keep our fingers crossed, and hope that May 5 is going to bring forth the best.

It’s true that everyone will not be successful. With 80 plus thousand to be selected from millions, as always, there would be many who won’t be selected for further processing. But keeping the faith in light of what’s being experienced globally is in itself commendable.

In addition to keeping the faith and maintaining high moral, it is equally important for everyone to keep proper hygiene and observe the COVID-19 safety rules. As I mentioned in a recent article, what good will it be to an entrant who contracts the virus and doesn’t survive it, even if he/she wins the Lottery?

So, let’s stay safe and stay well as we await May 5.

4 thoughts on “DV-2021 Results – 30 days to go

    1. Hi Paul, and thanks for stopping by.

      This is quite an interesting question. To answer it, I would say, for me personally, it’s a 50-50 chance. The June 6 date is said to have been “leaked” from the State Department official Twitter account – which gives it a certain level of credibility. But the fact that that date has not been confirmed anywhere else up to now, including on the official DV website, raises some level of “suspicion”.

      I for one cannot say it is true until I receive confirmation from at least another source. That is even why I did not publish the information when it initially came out.

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