“Are the DV Lottery Results Postponed?”


This has been the most asked DV question in recent days. From DV forums to websites and in verbal exchanges, DV 2022 entrants have been asking whether the 2022 results would actually be released on May 8 as had been announced since the end of the Entry period. The doubt surrounding the release was probable because of the following reasons.

Reasons Why Entrants Expected a Postponement

Last year, the results were postponed considering the reality of the day. This year, the reality isn’t much different:

1. Widespread COVID-19 infections and deaths

2. COVID-related safety measures, thereby impeding the work pace at the various institutions concerned

3. Suspension or reduction of visa activities at many embassies and consulates

4. Backlog of cases; too many interviews on hold

. . . among others

Considering all this, current DV applicants actually felt a need for the DV 2022 results to be postponed.

DoS Apparent Position

But the State Department seemed to have had a different plan. Apparently not because they are more prepared to face the existing realities. But rather because they seem to have decided NOT to prioritize processing of current cases over release of the 2022 results.

Following is an excerpt of a recent post from their official website which seems to support that line of thought:

“The Department (of State) values the diversity visa program and is making every effort to process as many diversity visa cases as possible, . . . However, as a result of COVID, the number of visas issued . . . will likely not approach the statutory ceiling in Fiscal Year 2021.”

Current applicants have complained that such a move by the State Department would be ‘unfair’ to them. Why not prioritize their cases which are already being processed over those just coming into the picture? Such reasoning is acceptable.

However, the State Department seems to have a ‘legal’ backing for what seems to be their current position: the clause in the first notification letter (NL1) which selectees tend to ignore. The one that states: being selected does not guarantee that you will (eventually) be issued a Diversity visa.

Amidst the celebration and high anticipation that come with being selected in the DV Lottery, one should always have that clause at the back of his or her mind. It helps in reducing the shock of an eventual non-issuance of visa.

What A Postponement Would Have Occasioned

Postponing the DV 2022 results as was largely expected would have somehow caused a delay to the start of the DV 2022 program. The time, effort and resources intended for DV 2022 would have partly been deployed on DV 2021 Program, with the latter dragging past its designated time frame and possibly, its established deadline – contrary to law.

Such are the effects the State Department seems not to have desired, which apparently led them to ‘return’ to their pre-COVID way of operating, on grounds that – as expressed in the NL1 – they actually don’t ‘owe’ selectees Diversity visas.

Results NOT Postponed!

Hence, the DV-2022 results have NOT been postponed. They are expected to be released – as was planned since the Entry period – on this Saturday, May 8, 2021. Access the official Diversity Visa website HERE.

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