DV-2021 Lottery Results Postponed!



(Note: This article (published APRIL 2020) concerned the results released in 2020, and NOT the one expected in May 2021.  For insights into this year’s (May 2021) results, CLICK HERE.)

You may have probably gathered over the past couple of weeks that the DV-2021 Results, scheduled to be released on May 5, 2020, had been postponed to June 6, 2020.

This revelation is said to have been made by the official Twitter account of the U. S. States Department.

However, couple of weeks on, information on the official DV website (dvprogram.state.gov) still maintained May 5 as the date of release of the upcoming results. This created confusion in the minds of DV-2021 hopefuls and other interested persons who always look to the DV website as the source of infallible DV information. And during that same period, there was no confirmation of the postponement by any other means on the part the State Department.

But all that has changed. Within the last few hours, the official Diversity Visa program website, which had initially pointed everyone to May 5, has finally updated its information.

It is therefore officially confirmed: the DV 2021 Lottery results will no longer be released on next Tuesday, May 5. Instead, it will now be released on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

24 thoughts on “DV-2021 Lottery Results Postponed!

  1. Is there any thing about the dv that relates to name? Like someone said if your last name for example is a Randall, Jones, or an American name, you will not be selected no matter how many times you play the dv. Is that true?

    1. You may have entered at least one piece of information (especially your confirmation number) incorrectly. So, copy the confirmation number EXACTLY as it is on your confirmation page. And if the problem persists, let me know.

  2. I play DV 2020 and I checked my result on May 8,2021,but I was not selected, why?

        1. Hi Kajela:

          Your question is not really clear. In case my reply doesn’t answer your preoccupation, then kindly ask the question in a clearer manner.

          The location of your embassy for interview is mentioned at the end of your selection notification letter where it is stated POST. (In case that’s what you’re asking).

  3. Please how do I check my own results, I’m confused about The whole thing. Please someone should help. Thanks

  4. So please if you check on 8th May and you are not been selected does it mean that on the 6th of June you won’t be selected too???

    1. The 6th of June concerned LAST YEAR’S results. This year’s result is what has been released today. So there’s no need of checking again on the 6th of June.

  5. Some people still don’t have faith in this Dv and they are asking me more about it I told them is a luck because these is my second times and I hope this time I will be the first person to win it

    1. Yes, it’s indeed a matter of luck. There are so many people who enter every year; only the lucky ones get selected. And there are some who enter without being educated about the rules; and end up ruining their chances.

    1. Yes, you can – by way of the DV program. But you first have to enter and win the Lottery, then apply for a Diversity visa and finally succeed at the interview before immigrating to the U.S. It’s a whole process, Kea.

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