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Some time ago, I wrote two articles that are essential for those who have been selected in the Diversity Visa Lottery. The first one lays out the steps ahead after one is selected; the other provides detailed explanation on how cases are processed after selection. Both have served in providing invaluable insights as regards the Diversity Visa process after selection. (Links to both articles are found at the bottom of this page).

A Crucial Phase

This article however is one that may be even more useful as it explains a phase after selection that applicants tend to overlook, which quite often leads them to unpleasant surprises later in their Diversity Visa application process. Although it is not one of the official steps in the Diversity Visa process after selection, it has been observed to significantly contribute to the success of Diversity Visa cases.

The phase referred to here is the time that exists between when an entrant discovers that he/she has been selected in the Diversity Visa Lottery and when they submit their official Diversity Visa application referred to as the DS-260. The importance of this time in the ‘life’ of a Diversity Visa case can not be over-emphasized.

Persons experienced in the Diversity Visa aplication process see this period as the most crucial for a Diversity Visa case. It’s a time that could make or break that case. It’s one that requires “calming down” after the initial excitement that comes with being selected.

Unfortunately, only a few applicants are aware of this reality and take the necessary advantage of that period. The bulk of those selected, not conscious of this reality, do not make use of this phase as they should, mainly because of general perceptions and misinformation spread regarding the process ahead.

What is it about?

The time between realization of success in the Diversity Visa Lottery and an applicant’s official application should be a time of preparation for the journey ahead. Preparation in knowledge of the details of the process, as well as in terms of his /her attitude to adapt.

Unless a selectee already has sufficient knowledge of their responsibility as it relates to the application process or is hand-held through the process, he/she who realizes that they’ve been selected has a lot to acquaint themselves with before moving ahead. The time after discovering that they’ve been selected should be used for just that – before they embark upon the process by submitting your DS-260.

There is no race to submit DS-260s

In the Diversity Visa application process, there is no race involved when it comes to submitting DS-260s. The general impression out there is that when you’re selected, time is not on your side – which I challenge to all extent based on my experience in the premises. Time is indeed on your side! The earliest interviews to be conducted from the time the results are released happen at least five months later. And most selectees are not even concerned by them. Some selectees have to wait for up to more than a year later after the results are released to get an interview.

Another reason advanced for the rush into DS-260 submission is that the number of available visas is usually far less than the number of entrants selected. True! But interestingly, a quick submission of one’s DS-260 is not the way around this reality. No matter how many entrants are selected for the 55,000 visas available, there is a case number order that is established and applied when it comes to interviewing DV cases and ultimately issuance of Diversity Visas. Rushing to submit one’s DS-260 certainly doesn’t change that!

So many are Diversity Visa selectees who eventually wake up to this reality, and most times ignorance or failure to approach their application process this proper way ends up costing them so much than they had initially envisaged. Imagine, we’re still less than two weeks since the 2023 results were released, and I’m currently being contacted by applicants who rushed to submit their DS-260s to suggest possible solutions to errors they committed.

That is why I insist on DV selectees being prudent before submitting their DS-260. It saves them and their case in the long run. As a prudent applicant, you must accept to be guided along the way unless you’re already astute in Diversity Visa matters.

You need to know this!

The Diversity Visa process after selection is not as easy and straightforward as many think it is. Information – the right kind – is vital to having a successful outcome in your Diversity Visa application process.

Unless you’re already well-informed or have proper guidance, the best practice before submitting your DS-260 is to “calm down”, adapt the right attitude, acquire relevant information, and understand what needs to be understood. At that point, the pieces of the puzzle will begin to come together and then you embark upon the process.

There is no point in embarking on your application without relevant information. It could be detrimental to your application process and eventually regrettable as happens in the case of thousands of applicants every year.

How to approach the application process

So if you’ve just realized that you’d been selected in the Diversity visa Lottery, Congratulations! But be aware that there’s much to learn and know. Take this time (before submitting your DS-260) to learn, know and do what needs to be learnt, known and done unless you’ve already passed that stage or have proper guidance at your disposal.

Use this phase of your Diversity Visa journey to prepare the success of your Diversity Visa case.

The notion that you may have acquired from out there is a misleading approach. Calm down, get proper guidance if you don’t have it yet. Be ready and willing to learn, ask any questions, improve your understanding concerning the process and when you do, you’ll confidently and smoothly acquire your Diversity Visa (as well as those of your immediate family members).

This is strange, isn’t it?

I believe this sounds quite strange to you as it does contradict the general perception and common approach expressed in many places regarding the Diversity Visa process. But I plead with you – based on my extensive experience in Diversity Visa matters – to heed these wise words.

Take and apply them! You’ll certainly have no regret if you proceed in that manner.

More guidance available

In my next article, I will provide you with more insight concerning things you need to be aware of – preferably before you submit your DS-260. If you’ve already submitted, there’s possibility of correcting errors you may have committed hoping they are not vital ones.

If you have questions or comments based on the contents of this article or other issues concerning the process ahead, leave them below, and I’ll be glad to respond to them.

Here’s the article in question.

Wishing you the very best in your Diversity Visa process!

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