PP 10014 Finally Overturned


When the new U.S. president took office over a month ago, it was revealed that he would, in his first few days in office, overturn a number of presidential decisions taken by his predecessor. At the time, concerns were raised regarding the impact his decision would have on the DV program and immigration at large considering that probably the most crucial of presidential proclamations affecting immigration – PP 10014 – was excluded from his agenda.

The question then was whether and when the new president would ultimately address the proclamation in question.

In recent days, however, and as had been wished, not only by DV hopefuls, but also by their sympathizers, including this site, those questions have finally been answered.

The President of the United States, in a counter-proclamation entitled “A Proclamation on Revoking Proclamation 10014” has overturned PP 10014, which suspended “entry of immigrants who present risk to the U.S. labor market during the economic recovery following the COVID-19 outbreak” and had thus far prevented immigration to the United States in all its forms, including the Diversity Visa program.

This is particularly good news for DV-2021 selectees who had become concerned about their fate seeing that Fiscal Year 2021 is gradually slipping away. Not only is it a reason for celebration for DV-2021 selectees, it may also be a final window of opportunity for DV-2020 hopefuls whose program year has since elapsed, and most of whom currently look up to court cases to ensure their emigration to the United States.

Their 2021 counterparts, on the other hand, are the real beneficiaries of this latest revocation. With two-thirds of the 2021 Fiscal Year left, 2021 selectees have a much greater chance of realizing their American dream than their immediate predecessors. With such a crucial and timely pronouncement, all attention is now fixed on the State Department who have the delicate task of fitting interviews for the more than 130,000 DV-2021 selectees into the remaining fraction of this fiscal year.

Read the Proclamation here.

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