In Search of a Solution

Lucky DV Lottery Winner

Anthony was a regular customer of our entertainment business. We had known each other for several years. One day last December, he walked into our Diversity Visa Lottery office, supposedly right after “exercising his fingers”, as our entertainment customers used to casually refer to playing a number of video games. He had come to meet me. I beckoned him in to ascertain the reason for his visit.

“You also do DV application here?” he asked. “Yeah, you didn’t know that?,” I replied. Perhaps he had been so absorbed in competitions with his friends at the entertainment section that he hadn’t realized that there were other activities like our Diversity Immigrant Visa program going on close by. “Why are you asking?”, I inquired. “You know”, he continued, “we won the DV, but our forms were not properly filled in as they should have. So, we’re looking for somewhere to do them correctly.”

Solution Available

That was how I learned that Anthony had actually won the Diversity Visa Lottery, and had been tight-lipped on his success as is the case with most successful applicants, for fear of the news of their success reaching others who might exploit it for personal gains. I assured him that services relating to the Lottery were one of our specialties. Anthony was surprised. He however booked an appointment in order to begin his case rectification process.

Included by Virtue of Marriage

Worthy Beneficiary

On appointment day, Anthony arrived along with his wife in order to begin the process. Anthony and Barbara had gotten married earlier in the year before the DV Lottery results were released. Their union meant that Barbara was allowed to be included in her newly-wedded husband’s Diversity Visa application process.

They had previously hired the service of a DV Lottery agent who was not aware of the above fact. He did not “add” Barbara as a beneficiary to Anthony’s case as is required by DV regulation. They only got to realize the shortcoming at their immigrant visa interview when it was discovered that Barbara had not submitted an online immigrant visa application (DS-260) form. They had been requested to return home and update Anthony’s status by including his wife, and wait to be recontacted for interview. It was after this that Anthony ventured into our office. His decision to have done so was worth it.

Problem Successfully Dealt With

Anthony’s initial online DS-260 form was canceled. He had to redo the entire visa application process online at our office to include his wife. We took up their case, and after several days of online activity, as well as contacting and recontacting the US Embassy, the problem was resolved through our Guidance program. Eventually, and after a couple of visits to the Embassy, their visa interview was rescheduled. This was a scenario virtually unheard-of. However, their case was reconsidered, and they were finally issued a Diversity Immigrant Visa each.

Diversity Immigrants at Last!

In the month of June this year, Anthony and Barbara, who remain profoundly grateful for our guidance program, both traveled to the United States as immigrants to begin their American dream…

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