It’s been some time since the Diversity Visa Lottery results were released. By now, so many entrants have checked their results. There are still many others who yet have to do so. A number of entrants – especially those new to the Lottery – are still finding it difficult to check their result, and have been asking how to go about with it. This is how.

How to Check Your Result

To check your DV Lottery result, go to the official DV website at

Once there, click on CHECK STATUS. On the page that opens, click on CONTINUE. And on the next page that appears, you will find four (4) spaces where you will have to provide the following information (the instructions to that effect are available on that same page):

1. In the first space, you will have to type in your CONFIRMATION NUMBER exactly as it is. Your confirmation number is the 14-digit number mentioned on the confirmation page you received or printed out when you entered the Lottery in October or November last year. It always begins with the DV YEAR, followed by 10 other letters and numbers mixed.

2. In the second space, you will have to put in your LAST NAME only. That’s your family name – without your first and middle names. On your confirmation page, it’s the name that comes BEFORE the comma; leave out the ones that follow the comma.

3. In the third space, provide the YEAR you were born. (Do not include the month and day/date). Your year of birth also appears on your confirmation page.

4. When the page opens, an image is generated right above the fourth and final space provided. It usually contains a few letters and/or numbers which sometimes demand a certain level of care to be recognized. Carefully identify the characters, and reproduce them (type them exactly as they are) in the final space. In case the said image doesn’t appear, refresh your page to have it appear.

Then, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. And your result will display. Good luck!

NB: Your will not get to know your result if ANY ONE of the above pieces of information is wrongly entered. In such a case, you will be requested to identify the error, and make the necessary correction(s) and then reSUBMIT, in order for your result to appear.

That ‘s for those who still have problems going about knowing their result.

Two Possibilities

As is the case every year, selectees are far less than those not selected. You may have already checked your result, and learned that you were not selected. That’s the case of the majority of entrants who are familiar with the below screen shot.

Not Selected!
Not Selected!

This means – as it states – that you were not selected (you didn’t win). Do not despair. Enter the next Lottery. You may also recheck your result at the end of September to see if a possible update of the results includes you by then. (In some years, very few initially-unselected entrants have been added to the selectees list in September: they were not selected in May, but found out later that their result had changed – which may be unlikely in the current context of the Program). If your result that indicates “not selected” remains till then, simply resort to entering the next Lottery that should begin a few days later – in October.

A number of curious unselected entrants occasionally ask how selectees get to know when they are selected. And this is the answer: they are addressed a formal letter by KCC, indicating that they “have been randomly selected for further processing in the Diversity Visa Lottery,” with details regarding their next line of action. It appears like this (actual name, address and selectee case number have been removed):


Selection Notification Letter

What Next?

If the above screen shot was the outcome of you checking your result, then carefully read and follow the instructions included in that letter. Anyone with basic English reading comprehension skills would understand the contents. For those who still find it difficult in doing it themselves, we have other articles on this site intended to guide you in the process, beginning with this one. Or you could take advantage of our Diversity Visa Guidance Program.

Wishing you best of success!

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