The DV 2025 Lottery starts today, October 4, 2023. The Lottery will kick off at precisely 4:00 pm (16 hours) GMT, and will run until 5:00 pm (17 hours) GMT on November 7, 2023. This period – known as the Entry period or Registration period – was made known in the official DV 2025 Program Instructions published less than a week ago.


To participate in the Lottery, one has to be chargeable to an eligible country and meet either the education or work experience criterion. Those who are eligible to participate in the DV 2025 Lottery may do so anytime during the Entry period by accessing the official Diversity Visa Program website.

It is however not advisable to wait until the final week before attempting to participate in the Lottery as high traffic to the official website could prevent your entry from being submitted. In addition, you are advised against submitting more than one entry as the primary entrant. If detected, all such entries will be disqualified.

Selection of qualifies entries will be carried out in the coming months, and the results of the Lottery will be published in early May 2024.


The DV Lottery is administered around this time every year, and it is the means of selection of those to apply for immigration to the United States as part of the Diversity Visa (Immigration) Program.

For more explanation surrounding the Diversity Visa Entry process, kindly refer to this article.

Best of success to all participants!

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