DV 2023: Final Cut-Off Numbers Published!


The Visa Bulletin for AUGUST 2023 has been published! In it are the cut-off numbers to apply in September 2023, the final month of the DV-2023 program.

For September, the Africa region is current; Asia and Europe had their respective cut-off numbers for August maintained for September; while Oceania and South America received high and low increases to their cut-off numbers, respectively.

When it comes to the exception countries, those from the Africa region and Russia had their cut-offs maintained; the cut-off numbers for the remaining three – Uzbekistan and those from the Asia regions – received reasonable increases.

The September cut-off numbers are the final for the DV 2023 Program. Those whose case numbers are still NOT BELOW the cut-off number of their country/region have hereby come to the end of their DV 2023 journey; only those with case numbers BELOW still have some chance to be scheduled for interview before the Program ends.

However, as has been noted many times before, case numbers being current (i.e. BELOW their cut-off number) for the final month of the DV-2023 Program does not mean that such cases will be scheduled for interview at all cost before the Program comes to an end.

Nowadays, scheduling of interviews depends on several other factors that must concord in favor of a case for that case to be scheduled for interview. Those that will not be interviewed by the September 30, 2023 deadline will have missed out on emigrating to the United States on the basis of their selection in the DV 2023 Lottery.

Below are the FINAL CUT-OFF numbers that will apply in the DV 2023 Program as shown in the August 2023 Visa Bulletin:

Considering the above, cases whose case numbers will end the Program year being current (and having the possibility of still being scheduled) in the various regions and exception countries include the following:


Except: ALGERIA: Case Numbers 1 through 44,999 (same for August); EGYPT: (same as for July and August) Case Numbers 1 through 43,199 and MOROCCO: (same for August) Case Numbers 1 through 63,399

For ASIA: (same for July and August) Case Numbers 1 through 20,999;

Except: IRAN: Case Numbers 1 through 15,999

For EUROPE: (same for July and August) Case Numbers 1 through 31,999;

UZBEKISTAN: (same for August) Case Numbers 1 through 16,999


For OCEANIA: Case Numbers 1 through 2,499

For SOUTH AMERICA: Case Numbers 1 through 3,149

With the publication of the cut-off numbers above, although the DV 2023 Program has not ended, cases whose case numbers are the same or higher than their regional cut-off numbers have already lost the chance to be issued Diversity visas, and have no further claim or appeal as far as the DV 2023 Program is concerned.

The Visa Bulletin is published every month, and it is by means of this tool that Diversity Visa applicants get to know the month when their case becomes eligible for interview.

The next Visa Bulletin – the last for the Fiscal Year 2023 – will show the first cut-off numbers to apply in the DV 2024 Program (those for October interviews), as well as the DV 2024 Lottery statistics.

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