After a long wait, DV-2021 entrants can finally check the status of their entries beginning at 4:00 P.M. or 16 Hours GMT, today, June 6, 2020. The concerned are those who entered the DV-2021 Lottery online from October 2 to November 5, 2019.

The results were previously scheduled for release on May 5, 2020. The release was however postponed to today, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

How to Check your Result

To check your result, you need to have your Entry Confirmation Number, your Last Name or Family Name, and your Year of Birth.

Visit the official Diversity Visa Program website at, and click the blue CHECK STATUS button, which will lead you to the instructions page.

DV Entrant Status Check

On that page, click the blue CONTINUE button, and you will be taken to the Entrant Information page where you would need to enter the pieces of information mentioned above.

In the final field provided, reproduce the authentication code given, and finally click on the blue SUBMIT button.

IMPORTANT: When entering the information, make sure to enter each EXACTLY as it is. The slightest error on your part will return you an error notification instead of your result.

In case of error, review the information previously submitted, make all necessary corrections and resubmit.

You may also click on the CANCEL button which will take you to the ‘Session Canceled’ page. On that page, click on the ESC Home button, and you’ll be taken back to the instructions where you can continue the process as explained above.

If you’re NOT selected, you’ll see a notification that says,”Based on the information provided, the EntryHAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at this time.”

If selected, you will be duly addressed a letter informing you of your selection as well as what to do next.

‘Normal’ Website Issues (VERY IMPORTANT!)

In general, it is almost impossible for one to succeed in checking their result immediately after the results are released. This is due to overcrowding of the website – so many entrants trying to access the platform at the same time. This will obviously be the case for the coming hours or even days.

Once you observe this situation, simply ‘withdraw’, and return to the site later. Later could be a number of hours or days from the last time you checked. As the traffic to the website decreases with time, every entrant will have the opportunity to peacefully check his/her result.

Understand this reality: it happens every year. It does not mean that the site is down or that the results have not been released. And don’t go about thinking that the U.S. President has ended the program. He has no part in it! It’s just the overcrowding of the website that is causing the problem. So simply wait until the website normalizes and can accommodate you.

Best of luck!

10 thoughts on “DV-2021 Results Finally Released!

  1. Hi I am a 2021 Dv winner I have a question the second result of Dv when to come in Ethiophia?

    1. Hi Girma:
      I guess you are a DV 2022 (and not DV 2021) winner. Anyway, we don’t know yet IF there will be a second selection this year. There may not be, considering the present challenges the Program is faced with.

  2. Hy. I’ve won the lottery and I’m from Ghana.

    My case number is 71k.

    Please do I have any chance to be interviewed?

    1. Hi Nana, and congratulations on your selection.

      My answer to your question is the same as to previous commenters. It’s early to say what your chances are with case number AF71K. AF71K is actually a very high case number when considering past years, but each year has its own particularity. When we get to know the density of this year’s selection (how close together or far apart the case numbers are), including what the highest case numbers in Africa are, then I would have a better idea of what your chances are.

  3. Hello
    thank you for your post. I tried to file a DS-260 form for the 2021 DV and I kept receiving a notice saying that my request can not be process now. is this normal?
    thank you for your response

    1. Hi Blessing, and congratulations on your selection.

      I don’t think what you experienced is a problem. Considering that many applicants rush to fill out their DS 260 right after the results are released (which in itself is not advisable), attempts to access the Form may not always materialize immediately. Simply check back at a later time when the system would be freer to process your request.

      Also, if your case number isn’t really low, you could wait for a while and not rush into filling out the DS 260 as everyone else seems to be doing at the moment. That could save you from possible headaches later.

      All the best!

  4. hello i am a winner from morocco my case number is 63k what are my chances for the interview ? and where i can find the Ds 260 ? thank you in advance

    1. Hi Emma. Thank you for visiting our website, and wow! CONGRATULATIONS on your selection! Wish you all the best as you begin your application process.

      To access the DS 260, click on the link in the first paragraph of your selection letter (or copy and paste that link into your browser’s address bar and hit ENTER). That will take you to the State Department website (

      On the page that opens, in the second column under Diversity Visa Program, click on SUBMIT YOUR IMMIGRANT VISA AND ALIEN REGISTRATION APPLICATION. And that will take you to another page where you’ll find the DS-260 link. Click on it. IMPORTANT: Do not rush in submitting your DS-260 to avoid errors. You still have much time in your favor. Good luck!

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