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The “Why”

As mentioned on our “About Us” page, from working with Diversity Visa entrants and applicants, we opted to create a website to share our knowledge and experience with those who face problems related to the Diversity Visa program.

Today, it is our joy – and the joy of many – that such an invaluable source of information exists and continues to serve the needs of Diversity Visa hopefuls the world over.

So many have been and are being touched by this website, and we have become conscious of their willingness to say “thank you” for the part it has played / is playing in contributing to their Diversity Visa dream.

In response to the wish of some to say “thank you” and the will of others to contribute to the perenity of this project, we have created this page.

It is the place to express your appreciation in words as well as in deed. You are welcome to donate whatever you’re led to by clicking the Donate button. And leave us a comment as you see fit – if you so desire.

Not only will your gesture contribute to keeping the site online; we will be deeply touched by your kindness.

Note: Please do not ask questions and post comments on this page outside the current context; the information-rich articles are all meant for that.

Thank you in advance as you make your donation to this project and possibly include a comment of appreciation below.