“When is the DV-2023 Registration Period?”


Such is a recent preoccupation of many of our readers and followers. I’m therefore writing this brief article in response to their queries regarding the upcoming DV-2023 Registration period which I’ve summarized in the following points:

Will there be DV-2023 Lottery?

Yes, there will be. Although some refer to it as DV-2021 Lottery (probably because we’re in 2021), it’s actually DV-2023 Lottery (not 2021).

When will it be?

The soon-to-be-published DV-2023 Program instructions will reveal the exact dates / period.

But when is it expected?

As is the norm, the DV Lottery is held from early October to early November every year. All things being constant, the upcoming DV-2023 Lottery is expected to start during the first seven days of October: QUITE LIKELY on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 (and run till Tuesday, November 9, 2021). That’s what I personally think.

When will the DV-2023 Program instructions be published?

Expect them anytime between September 15th and 30th.

What to expect in the instructions

The DV Program instructions hardly change from one year to another. And when they do, the change usually concerns the list of eligible/ineligible countries. There may be a few countries added to or removed from that list. A new regulation may also be introduced. Apart from these, it’s generally ‘business as usual’.

“Can I register?”

Yes, you can, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. The soon-to-be published 2023 Program instructions will say if your country is eligible or not.

“How do I register?”

This article provides some insight into how to register or enter the DV Lottery. Read the comments – in addition – for answers to questions you may have, or leave yours in case you need more answers.

You may also access the official Diversity Visa Program website here.

As usual, we will publish all relevant information on this site as news about the upcoming DV-2023 Lottery unfolds.

Wishing you all the best as we await the release of the 2023 Program instructions and the consequent start of the DV-2023 Lottery.

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