DV 2024 Lottery begins today!


As confirmed by the official DV 2024 Program instructions, the DV 2024 Lottery begins today. The Lottery will kick off at precisely 4:00 pm (16 hours) GMT today, and will run until 5:00 pm (17 hours) GMT on November 8, 2022, a time referred to as the Entry period.

Those who are eligible to enter the DV Program may do so anytime during the Entry period by accessing the official Diversity Visa Program website. It is however not advisable to wait until the final week before attempting to participate in the Lottery as high traffic to the official website could prevent your entry from being submitted at that time.

The Diversity Visa Entry form will only be available on the official website during the Entry period. Selection of qualifies entries will be carried out in the months following the Entry period, and the results will be published in early May 2023.

This article provides more information surrounding the Diversity Visa Entry process. And for the DV 2024 Program complete instructions, see this article.

Wishing you best of success as you endeavor to achieve the American dream!

6 thoughts on “DV 2024 Lottery begins today!

  1. My Dear Trodvies,

    I took my DV2024 Photo with a high quality camera using a white background.
    I know that I’m not able to fit the required head and eyes measurement needed in the photo, so I decided to use a paid website which is visafoto.com . They get my photo formatted but I found out that the background was replaced with a professional white background and hence my facial features wasn’t altered at all.

    I may want to know if:
    1) visafoto.com is legit for DV photo making??
    2) Removing the background to make it a professional white is allowed when it doesn’t change the appearance of the person as the website did to my photo??

    Thanks in advance,
    God bless you.

    1. Bonjour Fatoumata:
      J’ai pris acte de ton commentaire; j’ai pris ton numero et ton adresse email egalement. J’ai prendrai le temps – par le biais de ton adresse email – de t’expliquer le processus de la DV Loterie. Attends-toi d’un message de ma part tres prochainement.

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