DV 2024 Program Instructions Published!

The DV 2024 Lottery is expected to begin on next week Wednesday. This week is therefore the final week before the start of the Lottery. As such, the instructions to govern the upcoming Lottery – and the DV 2024 program in general – are expected to be published before this weekend.

DV Program Instructions Content

The Diversity Visa Program instructions present an overview of the Diversity Visa Program as well as the conditions of eligibility to participate. The Program instructions to be published will contain the rules that will apply during the upcoming Lottery as well as throughout the DV 2024 Program. The instructions will also present the different questions that appear on the Diversity Visa Entry form and provide answers to the most common questions asked, in its FAQ section.

More Information

In the Diversity Visa Program instructions, you’ll find details concerning the Diversity Visa photo which is the most challenging aspect of entering the Lottery.

It is from the DV Program instructions that we will get the official confirmation of the start and end dates of the Lottery (October 5 and November 8, 2022, respectively), as well as the list of countries whose natives are eligible to enter the DV 2024 Program.

The publication of the 2024 Program instructions will be the opportunity for those who are interested in the Diversity Visa Program but who are not aware of its intricacies, to get informed.


If you’re interested in the DV 2024 Program, then access the instructions here or learn how to enter the Diversity Visa Lottery here.

And if you wish, leave your questions and comments concerning the Diversity Visa 2024 Program below, and I’ll be glad to respond.

Wishing you best of success as we look forward to a successful conduct of the DV 2024 Lottery.

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  1. my sister has an African case number of 35XXX in 2023 draw. Would you advise her to apply for 2024 DVLOTTERY again?

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