DV 2023: “No Submission of Documents” Confirmed!


For the past months, there had been uncertainty surrounding the submission of required documents to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) by DV 2023 applicants as part of their Diversity Visa application process.

Submission of documents to KCC had been removed from the DV 2022 Program by the State Department. As such, applicants of the DV 2023 Program were not sure if the measure would apply to their program as well. However, during the course of last week, the State Department finally made known the procedure which applies for the DV 2023 Program.

In an update published on the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, the State Department confirmed that the procedure introduced during the DV 2022 Program extends to the DV 2023 program. Meaning DV 2023 applicants will not submit their supporting documents to KCC.

It’s rather only the DS-260 form for each qualifying family member that DV 2023 applicants will submit to KCC. The submitted forms will then be reviewed by KCC. If they are found to be complete, the applicants concerned will wait for their case number to become current in the Visa Bulletin. When that happens, they qualify for interview.

At their interview, DV 2023 applicants must present ALL their supporting documents. The documents will be evaluated as require by U.S. Law concerning all immigrant visa cases, including DV cases.

Failure to comply with the above will result in the Diversity Visa(s) being denied. Only a prompt submission of the documents in question would overturn such denial.

This DV 2023 update brings to an end all speculations that have existed concerning the documents procedure to apply in the DV 2023 Program. It is therefore now confirmed: DV 2023 applicants will not submit their supporting documents to KCC. All applicants of the DV 2023 Program are concerned by this decision.

This news is highly welcome by DV 2023 applicants considering that not submitting documents to KCC will speed up the processing of their cases as well as the conduct of interviews in the Program.

Concerning future programs, the update states that a data-driven decision will be made by then as regards the submission of documents. This means that programs after DV 2023 may require applicants to submit documents to KCC. But any decision taken finally will be based on relevant statistics.

The DV 2023 update in question can be accessed on the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

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