Diversity Visa Interviews Suspended in Kabul


Operations at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan are all suspended – including Diversity Visa interviews. Applicants of the DV 2023 Program whose cases are assigned to Kabul are therefore reminded to request reassignment of their case to another embassy or consulate that processes Diversity Visa applications.

To request reassignment, applicants concerned must send an email to KCC (KCCDV@state.gov) with the subject line “Kabul Reassignment Request.”  To be included in the email are the following:

1 – the full name of the principal applicant

2 – his/her date of birth

3 – the case number, and

4 – the name of the embassy or consulate chosen for reassignment.

A reply from KCC will either confirm the reassignment of the case or request more information as appropriate. In case of confirmation, the case must respect relevant conditions in order to be scheduledfor interview, including:

  • full processing of its DS-260(s)
  • its case number being current
  • it being next in the scheduling queue, as well as
  • availability of interview appointment at the reassignment embassy or consulate.

Once the reassigned case has been scheduled for interview, the applicant(s) concerned will receive their interview notification by means of the normal procedure.

For more information regarding the reassignment of cases from Kabul to other U.S. embassies or consulate, kindly consult this recent update posted on the official website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs; and govern yourself accordingly.

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