October 2022 Visa Bulletin Published!


Quite a surprise!

The October 2022 Visa Bulletin has been published. It contains the regional cut-off numbers that will apply in November. But those cut-offs are not new. They are exactly the same as those shown last month for the month of October.

This is the first time that all the regional cut-off numbers have remained just as they are for the second month running. The closest we get to such a situation is when all the regions are made current for a number of months toward the end of the Fiscal Year. So this is quite a surprise.

Error or Not?

This unprecedented event has made some to think that maintaining the same cut-offs in November may have been an error on the part of the State Department. And that the error would be corrected.

But more than 24 hours has elapsed since the Visa Bulletin was published, and so far there’s no sign of the cut-offs being changed. It therefore isn’t an error! The Visa Bulletin published is the real (official) one.

The Real Error

When the Visa Bulletin was published last month, it was observed that the cut-off numbers had been established very high. Some believed that it would have continued that way. But others found it strange because such had never occurred in recent years. Those who reasoned in the latter way were right. That was the error!

And so, maintaining the October cut-offs for November is intended to rectifiy the setting of the October cut-offs at high levels last month.

What it means

With the current situation, the case numbers that were current for October are the same ones current for November. Some applicants whose case numbers are current for October have already been scheduled for interview (in October), while others continue to look forward to their interview notification, hoping to ensure a spot during the month of November.

With the rectification made in the just-released Visa Bulletin, we can now expect the normal progression in the cut-off numbers as in previous years.

The November Cut-Offs

Below are the cut-off numbers as repeated in the recently-released October Visa Bulletin:

Region All DV Chargeability Areas Except

Those Listed Separately

AFRICA 5,700 Except: Algeria 5,600

Egypt 1,700

Morocco 5,600

ASIA 2,800 Except: Iran 2,500

Nepal 1,450

EUROPE 5,700 Except: Russia 5,600

Uzbekistan 5,600





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  1. My case number is very close/near which is
    2023AF102, but not yet received interview notification.
    What’s wrong?

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