Good day, and welcome to, where we use our expertise in the area of the electronic Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Lottery to inform our audience about the application process, indicating their degree of responsibility as far as being successful is concerned. We also provide services to individuals and families WHO REQUEST OUR INTERVENTION at any point in their DV application process. We hope that your visit to our site would be a rewarding one.

Our Lifestyle

Even before we got married nearly eight years ago, we had already decided that we would be entrepreneurs once our wedding was done. We therefore did not bother seeking for jobs. And when jobs were proposed, we simply turned them down. Virtually unheard of, I guess. But that has been our lifestyle. And what such a lifestyle does is, it leads you to being creative: you have to research and discover potential business opportunities like the ones we are now a part of, which have taught us to build our own websites like the one you are currently visiting, and even make money online through Affiliate Marketing.

The DV Lottery and Us

Our life of research and creativity also led us to the DV Lottery. Initially, we did extensive research on the Lottery, then got engaged in the Entry process (have been doing so for several years now) for hundreds of entrants, and eventually succeeded with a number of them. (See our Success Stories). Today, we own and run a business which, among other things, submits entries on behalf of individuals and families during the DV Entry period each year, and ensure that selectees successfully complete the application process. We consequently have an edge when it comes to guiding applicants through the entire process.

The truth is, although the DV Lottery consists of a very high level of probability, we have come to realize over the years that many people are simply either not adequately informed about their “responsibility” in the process (the do-s and don’t-s) or tend to get overwhelmed when their entry is selected. This is the reality, not only in the part of the world where we are located; it’s the same in many quarters around the globe.

Our Role

We have therefore taken upon ourselves to propose to a global audience, by means of the worldwide web, answers that are working for applicants in our community. We believe that what works for locals would also for many others internationally. And just in case you wish to request any of our professional services (entry submission, entrant guidance, post-selection guidance, etc.), you may well do so.

Note: We DO NOT purport in any way to be a representative or agent of the United States Government or any of its related institutions. Instead, we are a business which provides information and services of diver kinds both online and offline.

Contact Us

If you ever have any questions/comments on this post, feel free to leave them below. You may also contact us at, in case you desire more information on us, the DV Lottery or the online business opportunities mentioned above. There is a special feeling we get when we see our counsel resulting in people’s lives being transformed for the good. We will therefore be more than happy to help you by responding to your preoccupations.

Welcome once again, and best of luck!

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