Visa Bulletin for February 2023 (March Cut-Offs) Released!


The Visa Bulletin for the month of February 2023 has been published! In it are the regional cut-off numbers that will apply in the Diversity Visa program in MARCH 2023.

As usual, most regions had their cut-off numbers increased. The increases have made new cases current for interview for March 2023. Such cases can expect to receive their interview notification as of now (January 2023), although one’s case number becoming current in the Visa Bulletin does not necessarily mean that their interview will be scheduled immediately.

Their interview will depend on whether they have submitted their DS-260(s), whether it has/they have been processed, as well as other factors relating especially to the embassy or consulate where their interview is to be held.

This concerns cases whose case numbers are lower than the cut-off number shown for their region in the just-released Visa Bulletin.

With the publication of this Visa Bulletin, cases whose case numbers are the same or higher than their regional cut-off are still not current, and can not expect to receive their interview notification yet. Applicants concerned must continue to follow the Visa Bulletin as it is published in upcoming months – to ascertain the status of their case number.

Oceania and South America are the two regions that had their cut-offs for February maintained for March. Among the exceptions countries, Nepal and Russia were the only ones that had theirs increased.

Below are the regional cut-offs numbers that will apply in MARCH 2023 as shown in the just-published February 2023 Visa Bulletin:

The Visa Bulletin is published every month, and it is by that means that Diversiy Visa applicants get to know the month that their interview is supposed to be held. Publication of the next Visa Bulletin – for the month of March 2023 – will be done in February. The cut-offs shown in that Visa Bulletin will be for APRIL 2023 interviews.

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4 thoughts on “Visa Bulletin for February 2023 (March Cut-Offs) Released!

  1. Greetings from Mongolia! ^_^
    My name is Enkhbayar and I am from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The funny thing is I was too busy since I registered for DV2023 and totally forgot to check my status until January this year. So, I was in rush to submit my DS-260 last couple of weeks, finally submitting it on Jan 30th and my case number is AS74XX which turned out that the case number is low and I am way behind my current. Do you think it is going to be problematic? How long it can take for KCC to process my DS-260 and when I should expect my interview? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Enkhbayar:

      Thanks for your visit to our website. Here are the answers to your questions:

      1. There shouldn’t be – normally. However, there’s a challenge as I explain in # 2.

      2. There’s no definite duration. Processing in itself doesn’t take time. But having the staff at KCC to actually attend to yours is where the challenge may be. That’s because there’s currently a backlog of DS-260s at KCC, and yours may / may not be ‘selected’ for processing soon. That’s what may cause a delay in your DS-260 being processed.

      3. Because of the above (# 2), no-one can say when to expect your interview. It could be anytime – sooner or later.

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