March 2024 Cut-Off Numbers Published!



The Visa Bulletin for February 2024 has been published! It reveals the much-anticipated MARCH 2024 cut-off numbers. The Visa Bulletin has revealed movements in the cut-off numbers of all regions and exception countries, except Morocco.

The cut-off numbers to apply during the month of March 2024 are shown below. These cut-off numbers identify the case numbers that are eligible for interview during the month of March 2024 – those that fall below them.

March 2024 Cut-Off Numbers

March 2024 Diversity Visa Cut-Off Numbers

Case Numbers Concerned

With the publication of the March 2024 cut-off numbers, cases whose case numbers are eligible for interview during the month of March 2024 (in case they have net yet received their interview notification) are as follows:

AFRICA: Case Numbers 1 through 39,999;

Except: ALGERIA: Case Numbers 1 through 34,999; EGYPT (same as for February): Case Numbers 1 through 24,999 and MOROCCO: Case Numbers 1 through 27,499

ASIA: Case Numbers 1 through 6,999;

Except: IRAN: Case Numbers 1 through 6,749 and NEPAL: Case Numbers 1 through 4,999

EUROPE: Case Numbers 1 through 15,999;

Except: RUSSIA: Case Numbers 1 through 15,499 and UZBEKISTAN: Case Numbers 1 through 5,749;

NORTH AMERICA: Case Numbers 1 to 12;

OCEANIA: Case Numbers 1 through 1,199;

SOUTH AMERICA: Case Numbers 1 through 2,199.

Important: A case number being eligible for interview for a given month does not mean that the case concerned will be interviewed during the month in question at all cost. In addition to the case number being eligible, other factors contribute to determining the month when the case concerned will ultimately be interviewed.

Other Case Numbers

Cases whose case numbers are the same or higher than their regional or country cut-off are still not current or eligible for interview. Such cases can not expect to receive their interview notification yet. Applicants concerned must check the next Visa Bulletin when it is published in February 2024 – to ascertain the status of their case number by then.

The Visa Bulletin

The Visa Bulletin is published every month, and it is by means of this tool that Diversiy Visa applicants get to know the month when their case will be eligible for interview. Publication of the next Visa Bulletin – the seventh showing cut-offs for the DV 2024 Program – will be done anytime from February 7 – 15, 2024. The cut-offs to be revealed in that Visa Bulletin will concern APRIL 2024 interviews.

For a better understanding of what the Visa Bulletin is and how it works, see this article.

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