DV 2023: Interview Scheduling Goes Halfway


We’ve just gone midway into interview scheduling in the DV 2023 Program. The scheduling of DV 2023 interviews began in August 2022. Till now, that’s halfway into the one-year period (August to July) allotted to scheduling of interviews.

The Stats

And to date, 13,204 cases have seen their interviews scheduled, accounting for more than 27,000 applicants.

Of the figure above, 12,213 applicants (6,036 cases) have been interviewed, while the rest (7,168 cases i.e. more than 15,000 applicants) are yet to be. Of those interviewed, 8,915 applicants (4,546 cases) were successful; 628 applicants (267 cases) were unsuccessful; while 2,670 applicants (1,223 cases) had the outcome of their interview undecided.

The second half of interview scheduling in the DV 2023 Program is expected to see the following realities:

1. Regions to Go Current

As is accustomed, during the second half of interview scheduling, Visa Bulletin monthly cut-off numbers will be removed in order to make regions current. Beginning with the upcoming Visa Bulletin or the next, we can look forward to the regions beginning to go current.

Such a situation will favor those with high case numbers who are assigned to embassies or consulates with remarkable operating status. Those assigned at embassies or consulates not working effectively will remain the most disadvantaged as their region becomes current.

2. High Increase in Interviews

There is a target to reach – or at least to get close to: issuance of 55,000 Diversity Visas. But as can be seen from the DV 2023 first quarter data shown above, visa issuance during the first three months falls short of being proportional to the target that exists for the Program year. The current number of visas issued is only about 16% of the target.

As such, the conduct of interviews and the consequent issuance of visas will soar in the coming months to meet the target.

3. Improvement in Embassy Working Status

An increase in the number of interviews means that some embassies and consulates that have so far been dormant will wake up from their first quarter slumber, while those that began the Program Year running are expected to do much more. All in an effort to hit the 55,000 target.

The improvement in embassy working status and the consequent increase in the number of interviews to be conducted will however not benefit all applicants. Although embassy activity will increase in the second half of interview scheduling, there will still be some embassies and consulates that will remain low on activity.

The Consequences

. . . And as was indicated in this article, as things stand in the DV 2023 Program, the conduct of interviews largely depends on the conditions of the embassy or consulate where the interviews are to be held.

As such, there will be applicants with low case numbers who will find it difficult to be scheduled for interview (in case their embassy is not working as it should) whereas others with high case numbers (assigned at embassies performing well) will see their interview scheduled and conducted.

These are the consequences of the way in which the DV 2023 Program is being administered.

9 thoughts on “DV 2023: Interview Scheduling Goes Halfway

  1. Hi to every one I am so happy to contact with people .

    People who wish to go to somewhere else.
    I also will be happy . If I be the winner but…………….

    Good luck .

  2. I have been applying for more than 8 years. Hope to get it this time.

    also there’s always next time to fill up the application for EDV

  3. If your application was not selected, is it possible for that status to change? or is that result considered final?

      1. Dear respected Sir/Madam,
        My case number is 16300, AS region. Interview location is in Djibouti.
        However, the highest case number of applicants who had interviews there in Djibouti till now is 9000.

        So, do you please expect that I may have a chance of interview there in Djibouti??

        I am very worried, and I need a comfirmed answer from you according to your best knowledge and estimation, please, thanking you so much for all your sincere help and efforts.

        1. Hi Sager:

          With only up to 9000 CN interviewed so far, it’s not good performance for the Djibouti embassy. At such a slow pace, I’m afraid scheduling will not reach your case number before the fiscal year ends. So pray they improve beginning now.

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