DV-2022 End of January Status Update


January has just ended, and there are no signs of a meaningful improvement in the processing of DV-2022 cases.

Although what appears to be a relatively large number of visas were issued during the just-ended month, overall processing continues on a very slow pace owing to the non-resumption of normal consulate activities at most U.S. foreign posts in line with COVID-19 restrictions.

We had hoped that the start of the second quarter would have seen a very high increase in the number of cases scheduled and visas issued. Unfortunately, that has so far not happened. Instead, what is being experienced is not far from the general situation since the start of the program year.

Below is an update of the DV-2022 case processing data as they appear at the end of January 2022.

DV-2022 Most Recent Case Status

Cases In Transit to Embassies Cases at Embassies, Ready for Interview
Cases Already Interviewed (1,007)
Cases put on AP Visas Refused Visas Issued
AFRICA 180 805 116 44 299
ASIA 26 395 46 8 120
EUROPE 47 1510 81 40 600
OCEANIA 6 100 11 8 44
SOUTH AMERICA 8 107 18 18 37
TOTAL 267 2918 273 118 1,100

Processing So Far

As shown in the table above, there has been a total of 1,100 visas issued (out of 55,000 available) in the DV 2022 program, with 267 cases in transit, 273 under administrative processing and 5,855 applicants set to be interviewed in the coming two months.

Europe remains the region with the highest number of visas issued (600), followed by Africa (299), and then Asia (120), Oceania (44) and South America (37).

No Real Positive Sign

So far, there are no major sign that the DV-2022 Program will get close to issuing the 55,000 available visas. On the contrary, all signs continue to point to the ‘downward trend’ that the DV Program has come to know since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic: i.e. only a few interviews conducted resulting in very few visas issued.

The end of January also marks halfway when it comes to scheduling appointments for the Diversity Visa Program.

In a normal Program year, this would have been a wake up call to those who have so far not checked the status of their entry, as well as those who – after being selected – have yet to begin their application process. But this is clearly not a normal year. Not just from the perspective of COVID restrictions, but also from the number of applications currently at KCC as a result of the recent suspension of the documents procedure.

A Wake Up Call

So this is not a wake up call! And if it should be considered as such, then that call should be directed at players in the Diversity Visa case processing (KCC, embassies and consulates – the DoS, in short), and not at selectees/applicants, most of whom are slowly but surely becoming weary of the 2022 Program.



2 thoughts on “DV-2022 End of January Status Update

  1. Bonjour Trodvie j’ai une préoccupation importante. J’ai un numéro de dossier 95XX j’ai soumis mon au mois de Novembre mais jusqu’à présent j n’ai toujours pas reçu la lettre pour l’entretien. J m’inquiète.

    1. Bonjour Jesna, laissez-moi vous dire que les choses ne sont plus les memes dans le programme DV. Le mecanismse qui assurait le bon deroulement du programme ne fonctionne plus : l’ordre des numéros de dossiers n’est pas respecté comme auparavant. C’est comme si le traitement des dossiers se fait maintenant “par chance”, c’est-à-dire qu’on traite les dossiers sur lesquels on reussit à mettre la main – comme il y’en a trop. C’est ce constat que nous avons fait.

      Vous n’êtes pas le seul à vous retrouver dans cette situation. En fait, de nombreux demandeurs sont dans le même cas que vous. Et il n’y a rien que vous puissiez faire pour le changer – malhereusement. Alors, ce que je peux vous dire, c’est de croiser les doigts et prier pour qu’on arrive a mettre la main sur votre dossier le plus tot possible – pour le traiter enfin.

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