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Our experience with the Diversity Visa program has made us to be aware of common mistakes people make that cost them such a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity.

Although the selectee-entrant ratio explains why the majority of those who enter the Diversity Visa Lottery are not selected, many are those whose entries are rejected due to issues related to their photo.

There are several technicalities involved in taking a Diversity Visa photo, and most entrants have absolutely no idea on how to go about it. Many are aware that you have to upload a photo as part of your entry; and nothing more.

There have been cases, for example, where entrants uploaded photos with red background or with an additional person on them, expecting to get selected. Only after submitting their entries did they get to learn that such photos were grossly against the rules.

If you’ve never read the rules yourself or had them explained to you, you might think that the photos described above are acceptable.

What is our DV Photo Service About?

Our DV Photo service aims to eliminate the headache attached to getting the ‘perfect’ DV photo. With up to seven years of experience in taking DV photos and having a catalogue of those that succeeded, we are sufficiently armed to let you submit the right photo as part of your DV entry during this Entry Period.

We’ll provide detailed directions, instruct you several times if necessary, and ensure that you get your photo exactly as it should be. There’ll be no need to doubt the accuracy of your photo after submitting your entry.

IMPORTANT: As part of our photo service, you are also entitled to guidance when submitting your DV entry.

Note: We DO NOT request personal details; we have absolutely no need to.

This service is the first of its kind online. If you happen to come across it elsewhere, rest assured: they ‘borrowed’ the idea from here!

Are you guaranteed success?

You may want to ask: “Am I guaranteed to get selected upon employing your photo service?” 

What our photo service does is to ensure that your entry does not get disqualified because of your photo. Meaning you’re going to submit a photo according to DV regulations, and as a result, your entry will end up among the (qualified) ones from among which selectees are eventually chosen.

Those who are not capable of taking an appropriate DV photo, and those who do not have the time or patience to explore the DV Instructions and acquaint themselves with photo requirement details are those who need such a service the most.

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